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DCI Has Commenced an Investigation on a Footage Shared on Social Media ( Video Footage Attached)

Kotieno98 06/25/2020

There has been circulating footage on the social media platform where unknown people attacked an individual.

In the video, a person walks in the streets of Kilimani as reported, and he is attacked by two people who take away his briefcase. It is also seen that his mobile phone is snatched from him.

This incident, as revealed, occurred in the morning at around 7 am.

The Director of Criminal Investigations has informed the public that an investigation has been started to unveil these robbers.

Posting to Twitter, DCI Kenya said that they received the footage which was shared with them by Kenyans and thanked them for sharing.

''DCI_Kenya Detectives based at Kilimani receive this footage and have commenced investigations to bring the culprits to book. Thank you for sharing this."

This footage was shared by Yalmeida, who revealed that this incident happened outside his colleague's house.

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It is not yet revealed from the victim what was inside the briefcase.

From the video also, it seems that these robbers spotted this man from far and planned to wait for him near the gate of this house where there were no people.

We hope that these men will be brought to book.

You can Watch the Footage Here. Click Here

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