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See What Netizens Told Senator Murkomen After Flaunting His Huge Twitter Following

KiprutoCollins 06/28/2020

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Senator Kipchumba Murkomen. [Image/Courtesy]

Elgeiyo Marakwet Senator and now-former Senate Majority Leader Senator Kipchumba Murkomen is one of the most engaging leaders on social media and especially on Twitter.

The Senator and lawyer enjoys a huge following of over one million people wich he frequently engages.

Today, renowned lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi who is also Chairman of the Senior Counsel Committee, Law Society of Kenya reached the one million following mark and Murkomen to his official Twitter account and welcomed him to the club.

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Lawyer Ahmednasir. [Image/Courtesy]

''1 Million AMAZING FOLLOWERS..who enrich, debate and discuss ideas and events...and a few IDIOTS who troll, annoy and abuse...but that is twitter for us ALL...THANKS...Let the debate and discussion continue...'' Lawyer Ahmednasir posted on his official Twitter account.

''Congratulations SC, welcome to the club.'' Senator Murkomen went ahead and thanked him.

However, Murkomen continued and stated that he together with former Chief Justice Dr. Willy Mutunga and now Nasir are the only Kenyan lawyers enjoying the huge following.

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''Apart from @WMutunga@ahmednasirlaw and @kipmurkome which other Kenyan Lawyer enjoys over a million followers on twitter? Such a great platform for us to engage fellow tweeps on a broad range of issues.'' Murkomen posted on his official Twitter account.

This attracted a lot of varied reactions from Netizens both full of love and critics.

Here are some of the comments shared.

Catalist, ''That's it...and he has never won any case ..respect your elders Murkonem.''

Awiti Vincent, ''Twitter lawyer, lakini kwa ground content in laws zero.''

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MPM, ''Most of them don't follow because they like you. They just want to see what you're shouting about cos that's what you do best, not big deal to follow.''

Baraka Juma, ''You are not even ashamed to call yourself a lawyer and rank yourself among grand Muller and former CJ.''

Roberto, ''So unfortunate for you that you're a lawyer with over 1M followers but who doesn't know the most of the basics of the litigation procedure in Kenyan courts. I wouldn't be proud of myself.''

Nyakwar, ''You command such following as a politician and more so because you had the privilege of being a majority leader, not as a lawyer mheshimiwa.''

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