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Influential African Musicians You Should Follow

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Music is food for the soul and is a language understood by different people from different backgrounds. Good music is soothing and it is no wonder that it provides a great therapy for some of the world's prevailing problems. Musicians have in the past gone beyond just entertaining their fans, music has transcended boundaries and has been seen by others as an economic activity, earning them a living while at the same time offering the much needed consolation and entertainment to the listeners.

Some of the influential musicians, who have emerged as rising stars within and outside their national borders have been sampled below.

Diamond Platinumz

The Tanzanian artist is famous for his hit songs, mainly in Swahili language. The musician has shown immense talent which has seen him rise among the ranks, beating a couple of seasoned musicians from his region. His music career has handed him enviable collaborations with renowned international artists. He recently made it to the list of one billion plus YouTube video views.

Charlotte Dipanda

The Francophone music queen has seen her career rise since the release of her first song in 2008. She is a Cameroonian by birth and her hits in French have gained immense following from fans all over the French speaking people. Her decorated music career boasts of 4 highly rated albums. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.


The Nigerian artist has been branded as the musician that never fades, having entertained his global fans, hit after hit since 2010. He is a true African king, having secures international recognition and collaborations from artists like Drake, Akon and Beyonce.

Bobi Wine

The Ugandan musician cum politician has enjoyed a long music career. His following comes from his political activism, smartly converted into song and dance, a move that has landed him political popularity as well as political persecution in equal measure. He is recognized as a Top 100 influential people by Times. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Tiwa Savage

This Nigerian songstress quit her accounting career, in a bid to do what she loved. Music has been her passion and true to it, she has been warming fans' hearts since 2012. She gets better with each new hit. She is a leading role model to a number of African girls, with a number of awards, both local and international in her name. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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