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Maria Tv show: Luwi Blasts and Threatens Kanini

Mariegatsnews 06/25/2020

Luwi has been on the edge lately and he is confronting everyone and everything that comes his way. Kanini questions why she was not involved on the recommendation to bring Trevor to the house as treatment for Sofia. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Kanini has a game plan at the Hausa house. She is yet to implement. She is the unwanted mother in law for Luwi. Sofia too has a lot going up her sleeves.

The drama going on at the Hausa's house is affecting Luwi so much because he does not seem to buy into the idea that Trevor is at his house for Sofia's treatment.

Kanini questioning makes him loss his cool and he threatens her with uncovering the arrangement she has with the father William. He confesses to his suspicion on how she made it to come back to his house after being sent away. The fact that she made a scene before demanding for her daughter and later appearing at his house with the lost daughter Sofia made him even more curious of what was happening. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

After the running in with Luwi ,Kanini meets with Victor in the doorway and she shares the happening with him and he promises to help her sort out the issue.

Meanwhile Kanini sends a threat message to the doctor treating Sofia. She stalls his car using her witch craft and signals a death threats on him. He later drives off.

Source: opera.com
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