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Reports Confirm That Raila Indeed Flew Out For Surgery in Dubai

Gabuchacha 06/25/2020

A report by Daily nation on Thursday confirmed the allegations that hit online for the past few days that Raila was out of the country for medical attention.

According to the Daily nation, the ODM party leader was admitted to a German hospital in the United Arab Emirates for a minor operation at the back.

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It is reported that the family spokesman Dr. Oburu Odinga confirmed the matter bringing to an end the speculations on the whereabouts of Raila Odinga.

Over last weekend many social media users shared a claim that the former Prime Minister had been flown to China for treatment of a kind of cancer associated with old age. According to the claim, Raila Odinga was accompanied by his daughter Winnie Odinga and an unidentified male aide to China.

Among those who made claims about Raila's whereabouts was digital strategist Dennis Itumbi, who in a tweet on Monday, claimed to even have information about the plane that airlifted Raila and those who accompanied him.

"He flew to Abu Dhabi aboard a chartered flight. 5YPAA - Cessna 680. The flight took off from Wilson. The Manifest, shows he was accompanied by the daughter, A renowned Neurosurgeon, a Personal Assistant and a bodyguard," wrote Itumbi, who claimed that public monies will be used to settle the expenses.

Many others also circulated a letter which appeared to have been signed by ODM Secretary General Edward Sifuna and alleged to give clarification on the claim but was later termed as fake by Philip Etale of ODM.

It is, however, clear that Raila indeed flew out of the country but the actual destination was Dubai for a minor surgery.

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We wish him a quick recovery.

Source: opera.com
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