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Tensions Run High After Police Officer Shoots Dead Innocent Man Over Facemask in Nandi

SamMunyaka 06/25/2020

Information reaching on our desk reveals that a man was shot dead by a police officer over facemask in Nandi. According to reports, a police had apprehended a man for not wearing a facemask.

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A different person believed to be his friend tried to persuade and pleaded with the officer to release the man. However, his efforts were futile. This led to a scuffle between the officer and the man who tried to help the colleague.

It is then that the police pulled the trigger killing the man and fled from the scene. The alleged police has been identified as Onyango. 

Following the incidents, residents took to street to picket over police's brutality with some calling for the county government to take punitive actions against the officer.

Cases of police officers killing innocent Kenyans has been on the rise. Recently, a homeless person was killed for being in the streets past curfew hours.

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Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
+234-0806613**** · 06/25/2020
All the people who comment here are people that doesn't like police at all especially the news caster, The story is not complete, a sane person can't just pull his trigger on someone just because of ordinary face mask. if the reader also a sane person can't just conclude and agreed that the man was shot because of face mask. there must be a something that they didn't tell us. a slight mistake of police everybody will flair up and began to pour all sort of nonsense, if you investigate this matter very well you will understand what I mean and you will believe me. pls. don't miscut me, not that iam supporting what the police man did.
MohammedAhmedi · 06/25/2020
Africa, mumu continent! this police brutality is happening in almost all African countries but it's worst in Nigeria
SolomonFingersEhidiamen · 06/25/2020
where are the black lives matter crusaders
IphieEziechine · 06/25/2020
Police can kill bcos of 100 Naira so am not surprise if dis idiot kill his fellow man bcos of face mask, they r so violent n use there power to intimidate pple unnecessarily,

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