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A Gang Of Thieves Nabbed Pants Down Throwing a Party After a Series Of Robberies

HessyD 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. 9 suspects arrested

In Mombasa Nyali 9 suspect have been arrested in the wee hours of the morning by DCI Detectives at Furaha Apartments House number AO8.

According to the detectives they had been trailing the gang and today they managed to nabb them pants down. The detectives managed to recover and impound three cars, rolles of bhang, shisha and over 100 thousand in cash.

According to the Directorate of criminal investigation the gang has been terrorizing mombasa residents and robbing them at their own peril. Sources have it that the gang has been involved in several breaking and entering in the area.

The suspects who were all drunk resisted the arrest but were overpowered by the Cid officers who had raides the area. According to one of the neighbors who sought anonymity the group has been throwing parties even during this hard times flaunting new vehicles now and then. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The party

Residents have been requested to come out in huge numbers to recognize the goons and also try and see if they can identify thier vehicles among the three impounded.

This arrest were confirmed by the Ocpd Nyali Harrison Muguai, talking to the media Muguai has identified the gang as one of the dangerous groups in mombasa who kill at their own peril.

The 9 suspect namely.

1.Imran Farud Mohammed 28 years

2.Ismael farud Mohamed 26 years

3.Kelvin Osebe 30 years

4.Omar safari sanje 39 years

5.James Ochieng otieno 32 years

6.Nancy Ekasiva Aloo 29 years

7.Jalie Saida Magdaline 22 years

8.Brenda Juma 21 years

9.Hamoud Mohamed Hamisi 30 years. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Recovered Vehicles

They were all taken to nyali police station as they await trial on charges of breaking and entering and also robberies.

(Source nairobi crime.)

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