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OPINION: Why Marijuana(weed) Should Be Legalised

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Everyone have his/her unique way of relieving stress or having some good time. However you should know that this does not in any way justify drug or substance misuse all in the name of pleasure. Mostly the wamlambee generation are very busy trying to prove to the world that they are best stoners to ever exist only forgetting that these things were their since the times.

Focusing on marijuana(weed), most of us know the negative side which is mostly painted in all parents' mind. In Kenya some parties have been condemning the use of it claiming would lead to rise in crime rate while others have been pushing for the weed to be legalised claiming it would a source of income to and therefore the government should jump in and seize the opportunity. Let's check out some of the uses/advantages of weed

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1.Used as a pain killer

Marijuana also referred to as cannabis sativa contains some chemicals where most commonly are cannabinoids. Cannabinoids have been used for medicinal purposes in manufacture of drugs used in relieving chronic disease pains. Other medicinal uses includes, treating inflammatory bowel disease, increases effectiveness of hepatitis C treatment, Reduces arthritis pain, e.t.c

2.Helps to loose weight.

If you are an over weight mind not going to the Jim anymore. Just make an effort an try locking up the sky. Weed helps your body to regulate production of insulin as well as managing efficiency of caloric intake in your body system.

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3. According to research by bone research laboratory in Tel Aviv, those whom use marijuana and happens to get involved in an accident have better chances of survival and quicker recovery with stronger bones formed during the healing process.

4.Lessen Anxiety

s the Swahili proverb say," dawa ya moto ni moto", It is alleged that weed causes anxiety among other disorders. Believe me you that with proper regulated intake dosages of cannabis can alleviate anxiety and normalize the patient.

5.Kenya is a drinking nation with four out of hundred deaths associated with alcohol. Sadly many rehabs holds alcohol addicts topping the list compared to other drugs. Now to beat the addiction cannabis can be used as a substitute since it has less or little risks.

6.Glaucoma treatment

Glaucoma is a diseases that affects eyes. This leads to accumulation of pressure in the eyeball which results to a lot of pain to the affected individual. The pain can be reduced by reducing the accumulated pressure on the eyeball. This all can be done by the good weed.

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Uruguay, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Jamaica,Norway,Israel, Colombia are among the countries that have legalised the use of marijuana. In Africa some countries have legalised the weed too and the list includes South Africa and Zambia.

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