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It's silly to think that having a beautiful girl is the luck of your life

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I AM so lucky to have someone with you. Someone who loves, cares for you and values ​​you to an exciting degree. Certainly very lucky, some are desperate to find someone of your kind to care, listen to them and make them feel peaceful and happy no matter where.

Many are in relationships that bring them sadness and tears. Every day their faces are dominated by sadness and terrible destruction. Why not consider yourself lucky to have the one you have? You have reason to be proud, arrogant and proud.

Having someone who truly cares for you and values ​​you is no small task. Whoever sees your 'missed call' cannot sleep until he calls you. Who daily sees value and is very proud to speak to you. You are a very lucky person. Especially considering you live in a globalized world where few have turned a will into a project. They are happy to tell you they love you as they cry because they know later you have to save money.

In this situation it is inevitable to say that you are the lucky person in your relationships. Congratulations. Do you really feel you deserve this congratulations? There are some who do not.

These are the ones who take pride in having a couple with a certain career and looks while the subject of love is making a difference. That is, for the beauty of her lover she is very proud and proud to be with her while the actions of the character are surrounded by secrecy and terrible talk. This one shouldn't feel lucky to have one. This is not to see if the character is a great gift to own.

Love is not determined by one's attraction or activity. It's silly to think that having a beautiful girl is the luck of your life. It is ridiculous to believe that because he has a good job then it is a great gift to own even if he does not seem to like you.

The fundamental issue in peace of love is not shape or function, it is love. No matter how good he is if he doesn't show love and care for you in the best way. She is not worth it. They are not good for your life or for your happiness. The joy of relationships is not found in one's work or waist. Full happiness comes in the sum of his actions upon you.

How he cares for and listens to you. How he wants to see you happy and peaceful. Stop worrying about his money and beauty.

And people who suffer from this condition of believing that they have beautiful or sexy hair are unfortunately suffering from the problem of mistrust. With their weakened feelings overwhelmed by frailty they believe this regardless of the real meaning of being in their relationships. And in such cases this is why many of us find themselves harassed and abused in their relationships. Except for abandon they are afraid.

In addition to other things, they believe that the beauty or work of the characters is the most important thing for them. What is the pleasure of having a beauty that gives you suffering and self-torment? What good does it have to have a boss who gives you a handle and brings it to you? To be in this situation is to isolate ourselves. Humiliation and ignorance in particular.

Appreciate the love and its importance in the happiness and peace of your life. If he doesn't have these things it means he has no feelings for you. So hitting her is the same as forcing a will. Ask yourself, why are you now forcing sex? Who ever saw her forcing a romance and still being happy? Forcing sex is a disaster. It's a test, it's a string that will destroy your happiness.

You are intentionally abused but you don't want to avoid him or her. He thinks you're boring because of his shape or function. And in that case he won't stop harassing you because he knows what you care about is how he looks or his job, so as he has then you can't do anything to him. Many are persecuted for this reason. Most peace of their relationships is uneven due to distrust and allowing despondency. If you are one of them in shock then sit aside.

How many times have you told her about her bad behavior? How long have you told him to stop the evil he is doing but still carry on? Having a loved one is a good idea but having a partner is always a good idea. I repeat. The true happiness of relationships is not with the person you love but with the person you love.

No matter what he looks like or what kind of job he does, avoid the one who is deliberate. Who sees neither the value nor the meaning of your tears. If he sees something you are going through in his life he will do whatever he feels because he knows you are just a badness. And always the pessimist is a fool who lacks self-confidence.

Appreciate your personality. Believe in your own mind and ability, if he does not seem to like you. Crying for someone who doesn't care is just a waste of time. It's like singing good songs to someone who doesn't hear them. It is completely useless.

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