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4 Ways to Identify a Suitable Partner for Marriage

Ericwekesa2 1d

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. It may seem easy to identify a suitable partner for a long term relationship if you have never engaged in any. Reason being the availability of millions of people who are single and searching. The fact remains that this is far away from the truth. Compatibility is Paramount in identifying your long term partner.

In my article, I will highlight things to look for if someone is compatible with you or not.

1. Physical attraction.

Almost hundred percent will agree that a suitable partner should be attractive. Well groomed with an attractive physique. But remember beauty lie in the eyes of the beholder hence no one can fail to attract another person.


They play a major role in enabling people spend more time together. For example if the two of you enjoy watching movies or dancing, then chances of spending more time together will increase.

3. Goals in life.

It is very important if you anticipate to have a long term relationship. When your goals are similar then you will easily work out together to achieve the same. A normal person will think of having a happy family and enough wealth which call for hard work.

4. Religion.

The system of worship should be the same as your partners. It helps in avoiding arguments based on beliefs. Couples with similar beliefs tend to succeed in executing plans and implementing them.

Of course there are other factors like financial situation and age difference. They may not carry weight as long as the first four factors are perfect.

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