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Murkomen in Trouble For Saying Uhuru Plans to Wield Power

Wamalwaemmanuel 06/28/2020

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Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen landed in trouble after stating that President Uhuru Kenyatta was leading the State into dictatorship.

Kenyatta is reported to have signed his first executive order in June 3, 2020 which was criticized by many Kenyans and a section of Politicians.

The signed order was listed as newly created Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) which addressed transportation, health care and public works as part of the President`s office.

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It clearly indicated that the President has taken over a section of an independent office in the County government system that serves the residents of Nairobi County.

Political figures argued out the changes were to affect a common Kenyan adding that the same changes were against the 2010 constitution which coiled County government to promote democratic transparency and accountability by delegating some powers to local levels.

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Economic reports indicates that Nairobi County controls a uniquely distinguished percentage of the Country`s economic with a percentage of 21.7 percentage of the State`s gross domestic product and political matters.

According to Murkomen, the President is after clinging to power for taking over some responsibilities that do not belong to his docket.

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The legislator took to his tweeter account to attack the head of State President Kenyatta but did not get a soft landing.

“The handover of municipal services to military officers makes it clear how the President wants to wield power,” the legislator posted.

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A section of Netizens pointed out Murkomen had no moral authority to mention or talk about the politics of Nairobi County.

Murkomen, who was siding with the President till his axing from the Senate top seat alongside his Nakuru Counterpart Susan Kihika, saw politics take another twist.

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The latter who have been camping with the Deputy President William Ruto, later established their new address named Jubilee Asili Center after reports that a section of DP Ruto`s allies had been denied entry in the Jubilee Party headquarters.

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Murkomen`s attack to Kenyatta was linked to his denial of office amidst the cold wrangles for supremacy in the party led by the Head of State.

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