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Mombasa County Reopens the Economy Under Strict Conditions

DOMMY 06/25/2020

Mombasa County is one of the counties which have been hit hardest by the deadly COVID-19 pandemic since early this year. Mombasa County reports new cases of COVID-19 patients daily and the number of those who have succumbed to the disease is also high compared to other counties.

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The good news is that the Governor Ali Hassan Joho led committee for emergency response on COVID-19 has made an announcement regarding the reopening of the economy of the county. Mombasa County is known for being one of the few places where business is always booming. 

Today the governor hosted a meeting with the committee members in his office and a lot was agreed upon which if looked into closely is aimed at reviving the struggling and already crippled economy of the Coastal City of Kenya.

The committee that is co-chaired by both the Governor of the county Ali Hassan Joho and Mr. Gilbert Kitiyo came to an agreement to allow various businesses to reopen and continue with their operations despite the rising number of cases. This is meant to revive the economy of the county and help the residents earn themselves a living as they have suffered enough.

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Businesses allowed to reopen include; eateries, hotels and restaurants, guest houses, barber shops, salons and spas, indoor games and sports, and sell of second hand clothing. Despite some of these businesses still being open even before this announcement today, it is just good news since operation is now legalized, authorized, allowed and the good part is that it is monitored by the county government to ensure set measures and directives given by law are all followed.

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On the other hand, some of these businesses, in large numbers were closed back in the month of March and things have not been easy for the business owners, the employees who depend on pay from the employers and not forgetting the consumers who depend on those businesses for products and services.

However, all this good news come with directives and regulations which must be adhered to by anyone who will be engaging in business in that county. First the facilities must meet all the set standards by the ministry of health and the county government for them to resume operations and let clients in. 

Plus, they must also obtain a compliance certificate issued from the county offices or obtained from the county website, which shall have undergone a vetting and approval process before resumption of business.

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The committee also addressed the safety of those involved and stressed that after reopening and resumption of operations of such businesses, the county department of health shall continue with regular monitoring to ensure the set standards are adhered to and not violated by any one. 

County residents have received this news with warm hearts and it is a good sign that the whole country may be headed the same direction soon, since the economy has been crippled for the fourth month now and people are suffering with only very few being able to provide for themselves, the basic needs like food and housing especially those living in the urban areas.

The county was earlier on ranked the deadliest county by Dr. Mwangangi of the Ministry of Health and that it is the county where someone is most likely to contract the Coronavirus. Cases are also continuing to rise day by day and people are left wondering if this trend shall really come to pass or not and how soon shall it.

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