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Losers and Winners of the week

CMaweu 06/26/2020

This week has been a week of a lot of activities both on political arena and social arenas.

With this kind of activities, there are both winners and losers.

Some of the losers of the week are.

1. Kirinyaga County MCAs - They had evidence and facts on the allegations that they used to impeach their governor Anne Waiguru but their evidence and efforts didn't hold any water to the 11 members committee.

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2. Kirinyaga County residents - The residents of Kirinyaga county thought that the end for their woes had come but unfortunately they ended up losing the battle when the committee that was subjected to handle Governor Waiguru impeachment cleared her.

3. Cleopas Malala - The Kakamega Senator who made sure that Anne Waiguru was cleared of her corruption allegations suffered a big blow after he was denounced and suspended by his political party ANC. Followed by display of anger by KOT.

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4. Trader in Gikomba - In the midst of the week, a huge fire burnt down businesses in Gikomba causing damages of millions of shillings.

5. Kenyans who thought that Waiguru was going to be a good example of corruption leaders dwelt with.

6. Senate - Kenyans felt disappointed by the senate for supporting the clearing of governor Waiguru. Kenyans got mad at the senate and even started tweeting #CorruptSenate that was meant to show how they felt.

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7. Sirisia MP John Waluke - Waluke got a very huge fine for defrauding the government in 2013 in a maize scandal.

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8. Honorable Duale - Having served the country and the Parliament as the leader of Majority, Duale was kicked out on Monday by the president Uhuru Kenyatta.

The big winners of the Month.

1. Tanga Tanga team - Team tanga tanga got a point from the whole Waiguru saga. They are distanced from the whole issue and to their side, the don't support corruption.

2. Anne Waiguru - Anne enters the list of big winners of the week for surviving an impeachment attempt. This means that she still has her gubernatorial job for the next few months before elections.

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3. Ndegwa Njiiru - The lawyer who was made Waiguru case real, he challenged big names like Kamotho Waiganjo. Making a big name for himself with some Kenyans calling him a walking constitution. Others calling him Greatest of all time (G.O.A.T)

He displayed a good command and knowledge of the law.

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4. Liverpool - They managed to win the English Premier league for 2019/2020 with some few games remaining.

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5. The Machakos man who was sentenced for life time for defiling his daughter - The court finally accepted to reopen the case after her daughter confessed that he never defiled her rather her mother had couched her on what to say to implicate the father.

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