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Exposed: Moses Kuria Reveal Crucial Information About BBI Report

M2riBoas 06/25/2020

After 2017 general elections, chaos were experienced in various parts of the country. The most disputed results created the rift within the Supporters of Jubilee Party leader and that of NASA coalition.

IEBC received a lot of challenges to an extent of repeating the conduction of presidential elections after the supreme Court of Kenya made history of nuliffying the election of Uhuru kenyatta as the President of Kenya.

ODM party leader, Raila Amollo Odinga withdrew from the much contested repeat election and was sworn as the people's president by his staunch Supporters led by self proclaimed NRM general Miguna Miguna.Political tension was experienced leading to bloodshed mainly in parts of Nairobi County and Kisumu.

After consultation and intervention of international Communities the famous March handshake between two leaders was embraced and the situation calmed.

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Uhuru and Raila/ Photo Courtesy.

After the handshake, the Building Bridges Initiative taskforce led by Garisa senator Yusuf Haji was mandated to harmonize and submit the report to the president Uhuru Kenyatta and former prime minister Raila Ondiga. According to the committee, the BBI is supposed to create inclusivity in government to avoid further violence in the country. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Haji and Kenyatta / Photo Courtesy.

Despite the outbreak of Coronavirus Pandemic, Raila Odinga confirmed to kenyans that the proposed referendum about BBI will be conducted.

Taking to his Facebook account ,Gatundu south member of parliament, who is a close ally to deputy president William Ruto has opened up and released important information about the much awaited report.

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Moses Kuria / Photo Courtesy.

According to the vocal legislator, the BBI Report will be released Next Week with the following recommendations.

1. 290 Constituencies to be retained.

2. Nominated MPs to be increased from 12 to 162 to take care of highly populated constituencies.

3. President will be elected directly by the people to be Head of State and take charge of Internal Security, Defence and Foreign Affairs. He will have a Deputy President with roles defined in the constitution.

4. Prime Minister will be voted for by parliament and will appoint all other Ministers. He will have 2 Deputy Prime Ministers.

5. 50% of Ministers will come from parliament and the rest will be appointed outside parliament.

6. The First Runner Up in a Presidential Election will occupy the best office of the Official Leader of the Opposition. His running mate will be the Deputy Leader of the Opposition.They will have a state funded shadow cabinet.

7. Chief Justice will NOT be a member of the Judicial Service Commission.

8. Health and Agriculture functions will revert back to national governments.

9. IEBC Commissioners will be appointee by political parties.

10. Nairobi County will be abolished.

11. All monies to counties will be conditional grants from National Government to ensure devolved funds are spent for the intended purposes.

12. If you are charged you can not vie for public office.

With the kenyans waiting eagerly to know the content of the report, do you agree with Moses Kuria's proposed recommendation? Remember to comment and share the information.

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