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Kenyans Condemn the Broad Daylight Murder of a Lame Clobber By Police in Nandi County (Video)

KingetichKorir 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Kenyans have strongly condemned the cowardly, senseless and brutal murder of a cobbler by a police officer on allegation of pleading with the policeman not to arrest a bodaboda man.

The cobbler who was also a shoe shiner was lame and it is reported to have been shot on the head as he pleaded for a bodaboda rider who had no mask.

It was a dark day for the people of Lessos, Nandi County by the who when to the streets and baricaded roads with burning tyres and huge stones to protests the inhumane act of police brutality.

The immense pain of loss of a husband, love of her life and the family bread winner his wife wept in great anguish beside the cold body which had oozed blood has made many to sympathize to the bereaved family and called for action to be taken against those who were behind the the daylight murder.

The incident has received condemnation from political leaders led by Nandi Senator Samwuel Cherangei, LSK President Nelson Havi, MP for Soy Caleb kositany and kenyans on social media

"I am saddened by the news regarding the shooting at Lessos town that has claimed a life and two battling for their lives for not wearing masks cases of extra judicial killings in Nandi County are many but today's incident must be a new low. Demanding 4 arrest of said officers," said Cherangei, Nandi Senator. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Nelson Havi took Twitter with calls for Stern against what he termed as criminal officers, @FredMatiangi, @NPSOfficial_KE, @ODPP_KE and @IPOA_KE your officers have become criminals. This is untenable. There is need to withdraw firearms unless police officers are engaged in an active combat operation.

Caleb Kositany MP of Soy said "Riots in lessos Nandi County after a policeman shot dead a disabled cobbler.The cobblers crime was to asking the policeman not to arrest a civilian.This police brutality has to be stopped".

Here are other Kenyans reactions from the sad incident;

Zipporah Kering: The Government is no longer fighting COVID-19 Pandemic but instead killing innocent Kenyans with no reasons .

Police officers have now turn their duties from guarding and keeping peace to killings , tortures and harassments ,this morning I was terribly shocked and saddened by brutality which took place in Olessos Town , Nandi Hills Constituency ,Nandi County .

Evans Limoh:Very very sad. Someone's father,husband,brother is no more because of a mask.

Mwangi Llyord : This is bad, very unacceptable. Who will fight for us, I've never seen outside of Nairobi since lockdown. Now I'm can be killed for not wearing a mask?? I see politicians everywhere, mask less, I demand equal treatment. Nandi county. Waluke. KIHIKA.

Samwuel: This brutality of the highest order.


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