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Facts about Raila Odinga

KevinAmenya254 06/25/2020


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1.He was Born in 1945 in Maseno,Kenya.

2.He is Mechanical Engineer by proffesion with Masters of Science in Mechanical engineering from the university of Magdeburg,then East Germany.

3.During the Cold war,when he used to visit West Germany,he used to Smuggle goods not available in East Germany and bring them to his friends for free out of his philanthropic nature.While studying in East Berlin during the Cold War, as a Kenyan he was able to visit West Berlin through the Checkpoint Charlie

4.He graduated in 1965 and returned to Kenya in 1970 where he established the Standard Processing Equipment construction and Erection Ltd later renamed East African Specre

5.He was put under house arrest for Seven months before being detained without trial for six years in 1982.His mother died while he was in prison,but it took the prison wardens 3 months to inform him of her death.

6.He was released in February 1988 and then rearrested in September the same year due to his involvement in human rights and democracy activism.He was released in June 1989 and again rearrested in July the following year.He was released in June 1991 and in October that year he escaped an assasination attempt before flying to exile in Norway.

7.He returned back to Kenya in February 1992 where he vied for the Lang'ata Parliamentary seat with FORD Kenya and won with a landslide defeating Philip Leakey of KANU.He became the Second father of mult-party democracy and the father of democracy .

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