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Why women cheat on their spouses

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The current relationships have been affected by a lot of infidelity. In many cases, it's assumed that men are naturally polygamous. Their cheating could be justified basing on their culture (society they live in).

In this article, I will take you through the infidelity of women and to be more specific "why they cheat on their spouses"

1. Material gain

A good percentage of women cheat when they face financial problems. This could be worsened when the patiner is unable to meet her financial needs. Such women when they cheat, they do it with Rich guys who will benefit them financially.

2. Sexually dissatisfied women

This one takes the blame on her man. If the conjugal rights can not be fully met by the husband, the woman (wife) may be tempted to cheat.

3. If the male patiner is unfaithful.

Some percentage of women believe they" can do it better than men." This means that when her patiner cheats on her, she can also cheat on him in the name of revenge.

4. Habit.

To conclude my list, there are those women who cheat just to satisfy their egos. It is a habit which means that she can be financially stable with a faithful patiner who perform all his duties but she will still cheat on him.

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