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CS Kagwe Maintains That Reopening of Economy Should be Avoided Until Conditions Set are All Met


Today various stakeholders in the business sector, the religious leaders and the council of governors met for a rare extraordinary summit that was attended by both President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto in Nairobi.

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The leaders met to review the progress of the various devolved units of the country in putting up measures and conditions within the counties that will ensure the containment of the spread of COVID-19 if it comes to gradual reopening of the economy.

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The health Cabinet Secretary however supported not reopening the economy of the counties as other counties have already started, until the conditions of those counties to be able to handle increasing numbers of infections are met.

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“we will not reopen the country and remove the said measures until the health ministry confirms that all our counties and not the few we already have met the threshold” he said while giving his address to the President.

During this meeting, the CS stressed that the number of new cases of infections will not go down anytime soon and if not necessary and if counties are not yet ready then there is no need to reopen the economy. He advised the President to ensure that the conditions he gave on 6th June are all met first.

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All the various stakeholders in the various sectors present in the meeting in Nairobi today were in agreement with this and support the option of not easing up of the measures until the county is well prepared to handle the tough days ahead which do not seem to be easy according to other countries which have already gone down that road.

Meanwhile, while giving the report to the President, the council of Governors’ chair Governor Wycliffe Oparanya mentioned that already only 12 counties are ready and have acquired the necessary number of beds. The rest are yet to come to terms with these conditions within the week.

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MichaelTana · 06/25/2020
He is playing with Kenyans like his household.Will he feed everybody?
StephenMule · 06/25/2020
you're big joker you stay four months without seeing your children as if you're in jail
Gathigiaanto · 06/25/2020
He can close down even doors and windows for ever for us. And them continue moving freely. And enjoying with his wife and family. Does he know how many family has broken up. Husband and wife are no longer together.
SeaPiano · 06/26/2020
mr mutahi kagwe you're joking with kenyans and we are not ready for your business plz give us a break weka lockdown endeleza lockdown kwako

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