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Tanzania Joins Kenya, Sends This Powerful Message To Lenders

Autonews1 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Tanzania's President, John Magufuli. [photo/file]

Tanzania has joined other African countries to lobby its lenders to consider debt relieve for the nation and other developing nations due to low revenue caused by COVID-19 pandemic which affected the businesses.

Expressing the need through Twitter, Tanzanian foreign ministry said developing countries have found themselves in difficult situations while trying to meet the debt terms. It said debt relieve might help the countries to economically recover from COVID-19 effects.

"Serikali ya Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania imeendelea kuziomba taasisi za fedha za kimataifa pamoja na nchi za Jumuiya ya madola kufikiria kufuta kabisa madeni yaliyokopeshwa kwa nchi zinazoendelea ili fedha hizo ziweze kutumika kupambana na athari zilizotokana na Covid 19, "penned Tanzanian foreign ministry which When translated means," The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania has continued to urge multinational financial institutions and Commonwealth countries to consider clearing up debts owed to developing countries so that the funds can be used to counter the effects of Covid 19."

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Tanzania had been criticized by other western countries over its response to COVID-19. President Magufuli had recommended for the citizens to pray, use herbal medicine and exercise instead of avoiding social distancing.

The churches, mosques and other worshipping places, considered as the Hotspots for the spread of the disease remained open in the country. The government has, again never updated its Coronavirus data since 7th May when the total tally had reached 509.

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Kpkosgey · 06/25/2020
How could Tanzania respond this way? Si walisemanga hamna Corona, now they want to take advantage of the pandemic... Really tricky

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