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He is a Broken Man, Lawyer Ombeta Begs Court not to Jail Sirisia MP Waluke

PatienceC 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Lawyer Cliff Ombeta has urged the court not to jail Siria MP John Waluke arguing that his dependents will suffer if he loses his income by losing the parliamentary seat.

Waluke is currently on the dock on accusations of defrauding National Cereals and Produce Board over 300 milllion. He is accused alongside another partner Grace Wakhungu who is the former of former Environment cabinet secretary, Jude Wakhungu.

The two were found guilty by the court last Monday and were put in detention awaiting judgment on Thursday with many arguing that this could be the first case that could see a first high profile person sentenced to a jail term.

His defense team however want him handed a non-custodial sentence by the court. According to Ombeta, Waluke has so many people looking up to him and a jail term will result to suffering on the side of his dependents. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

 “If you lock him up, his salary is not there anymore…College children will stop their education... Young grandchildren won’t have their grandfather’s advice. You have been given medical reports …We are saying you look at him sympathetically,” he said.

He further added that Waluke was a broken and a remorseful man and that the court should have mercy on him.

“The conviction has deflated Waluke. The confidence is no longer there. He is a broken man…He has accepted the findings but wants to plead with you to exercise your mercy...He has regretted that these events came to pass. Look at him with mercy,” he added.

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Top Comments
GUEST_vMNLGELwW · 06/25/2020
The 300'm is still earning interest in banks his ppl can use it. He stole it for them
To teach all corrupt baffoons including waluke a lesson,the magistrate should hand him 10years in jail.
KennethMogaka · 06/25/2020
We have many bread winners languishing in jail some with their toddlers and some innocent.
+254-072178**** · 06/25/2020
nonsense.funga mwizi wa mali ya umma.kufia jela

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