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Raila's Trip to Dubai for Surgery has Made Netizens Ask Why he Can't be Treated in Local Hospitals

Laureen_aseka 06/25/2020

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Raila Odinga is said to have flown out to the United Arab Emirates for a minor operation on the back The family spokesman confirmed after rumors were all over that the former Prime Minister wasn't in the country,

Netizens have questioned why the ODM leader has to go out yet it was a minor surgery as they have indicated. This are some of their remarks:

Watson Makau: Fast recovery to Baba, but why can't he be treated in Kenya like the rest of us. He should tell us who ran our health infrastructure to the ground and have them return every single stolen shilling since independence. Get well soon.

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Hustler Nation: Wacha tu tuseme ukweli: Minor surgery ikishinda Nairobi Hospital et AL..It stops being minor. When you see someone being flown of the country during this COVID pandemic.. It's damn serious. Let's pray for him.

Tish Tish: He had the power to improve our healthcare system while as the prime minister!!! Now see the predicaments, he has to fly out for treatment! Not just him, all our political leaders are con artists!!

Kihara wa Mwangi: I wish him quick recovery. But couldn't he have gone to Kenyatta National Hospital for treatment, or he doesn't believe in our Kenyan Health System? The dynasties claim to be fighting for Wanjiku/Atieno, but when things get tough, they fly away.

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The Boligos: How can a minor injury force someone to fly to Dubai for treatment under this period of restricted flights. If they would have used that money being stolen and others used in non-essential things like BBI, it would have been used to make nice hospital in our country.

Steve Mutua: Minor surgery could have been done in Kenya 'Karen Hospital' Agwambo is very sick and needed specialized team. You are as fake as the edited DN. That's not the daily Nation original page

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Top Comments
+255-74467**** · 06/25/2020
The problem is not the standards of the healthcare in the country. It's the number of evil guys who seek for any slightest opportunity to reach his life. He lost his son and has to be more careful. I wish him quick recovery. He's a big asset to the country.
+254-071133**** · 06/25/2020
what your own? is it your money that is being used? oh please let him be. get well soon BABA.
GUEST_OZKnDPMvJ · 06/25/2020
death of bbi
LucyNyarHenry · 06/25/2020
why question someone how and where he uses his money

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