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See Kenyans Hilarious Moments on Kiunjuri's Party


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Mwangi Kiunjuri launching his political party ,The Service Party ,(TSP) Photo Courtesy FB.

Kenyans on Facebook social media have reacted hilariously after former Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri launched his political party,The Service Party (TSP).

In their Facebook posts,they commented that the party symbols were comical and resembled popular advertised brands.

"Is this blueband advertisement?asked Daniel Ndungu.

“I can spot a love emoji,this is a big joke. “laughed Robert.

“No it’s Kaluma advertisement."said Mutua Ndonye.

However other Kenyans on Facebook praised Mwangi Kiunjuri for displaying bravery in having his own political party.

"Let Kiunjuri be,this is a constitutional democracy,"said Jackson.

Moreover Peterson Kimanzi ,a Facebook user noted that Kiunjuri eligible to have his own party as he has vast experience in politics.

“That’s a better approach.Let him try his luck,he has been in politics since 1997.”said Kimanzi.

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Mwangi Kiunjuri posing with Deputy President William Ruto in past political meetings.Photo Courtesy FB.

According to reports ,Mwangi Kiunjuri has been an elected Member of Parliament and served in the Kenyan cabinet in various capacities as Assistant Minister for Water and Irrigation, Assistant Minister for Energy as well as Cabinet Secretary for Devolution.

According to the Kenyan Constitution every citizen is free to make political choices which includes right to form, participate in forming a political party ,to participate in the activities of,recruit members for a political party or to campaign for a political party.

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A voter casting vote .Photo Courtesy IEBC FB.

Moreover the Political Parties Act states that a political party which has been provisionally registered shall be entitled to hold and address public meetings in any area of Kenya for the purpose of publicing the political party and recruiting members.

In addition ,also entitled to the protection and assisted by the state security agencies for the purpose of facilitating peace and orderly meetings.

 Political parties have recently done house cleaning to enable proper functioning to their mandate making staunch politicians to launch parallel parties in bid to join the political race.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
SimonKiretai_01 · 06/26/2020
I welcome the move. Congrats honourable Kiunjuri. Make sure you don't fall on the idea of dissolving it as you did in GNU.

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