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(Video) The DP William Ruto Does it Again: Displays Real Hustler Character

DailyBriefing 06/25/2020

The deputy president William Samoei Ruto who has recently been supportive of hustlers youth around Nairobi has done it once again.

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While in Langata in video shared on his official social media accounts, the humble dp interacted with various youth groups where he awarded them, motorbikes, water tanks and car wash machines. In a drive he termed as move to build hustles for youth, the second in command urged the youth to work hard and also adhere to government directives and guidelines against the spread of this novel pandemic Covid19.

"We need and we should build from low by supporting our youth through youth groups and enterprises," said the dp in a Live stream shared on his facebook page.

In the footage the second in command is also seen getting some quality services from common shoe shiner, trying to get a ride on one of the newly acquired motorbikes he gave the youth also. Among the beneficiaries is an elderly lady who was really thankful for the electric sewing machine she received.

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Here is the link to the video: https://www.facebook.com/williamsamoei/videos/979929659143653/?app=fbl

This isn't the first time that the dp Ruto has been supportive and very social with people from humble grounds. In many occasions he has been captured chatting and even getting some food from local small eateries. In bid to show his former humble begging in life the deputy president has always called himself and used the 'Hustla' slang which apparently means a hardworking poor man.

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Photo: the deputy president William Ruto and his allies getting some food in small kiosks, on one of his trips around the country.

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Top Comments
AmianiMike · 06/25/2020
cheap publicity...The only thing he needs is the IEBC SERVER PASSWORD... Hio ingine is just a waste of time.Aski Raila kama Umati wa watu ndio kuwa President kenya Hii
GUEST_Zkg2leJWa · 06/25/2020
You are the man that we all need, your heart is soo big, kama ni wengine , ata sinui
+254-70521**** · 06/25/2020
unfortunately some people never learn from history!!! you can have all the hustlers Kenya mzima and loose the election because the system says no. don't look far just call baba akuwambie my fren
+254-71499**** · 06/25/2020
And back home his brother languishing in apt poverty.

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