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Professor Magoha Now Wants Schools to be Reopened in 2021

RonnyPhilly_01 06/26/2020

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The government of Kenya took some measures in order to curb the spread of coronavirus in the country. The Head of State honorable Uhuru Kenyatta closed down all the learning institutions in order to protect the students from contracting the virus.

President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday chaired a virtual meeting with some key stakeholders in the government in order to find a way forward for the country. They discussed several issues and one of them is the issue surrounding the reopening of the schools.

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Professor George Magoha who is the Cabinet Secretary of education advised that with the current upward trend of coronavirus cases in the country, the reopening of schools should be further pushed forward even to next year because the safety of the students is what matters more than anything.

He added that it will not be easy to maintain the social distancing rule because of the high number of students in the schools. This now means that Kenyans are not sure whether the schools will be reopened in September or next year.

President Uhuru Kenyatta had ordered the Ministry of Education to speed up everything up so that the schools can be reopened in the month of September through a gradual process by first starting with the candidates.

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The deputy President honorable William Ruto also advised that the reopening of schools should wait until a vaccine is found because it may be risky to allow the students to report back to schools with the current high number of coronavirus cases in the country.

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FranklineChirchir · 06/26/2020
who told kenyans that corona virus will end in 2021???

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