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Top Women Billionaires In Kenya You've Not Known But Runs Their Businesses Silently

Stephenmwangimuriithi 06/28/2020

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Photo of Esther Muchemi, CEO - Samchi Telecom (above).

At my exploration in seeking the most influential persons in Kenya, I came across a page I could not miss to read and re-read many times. The page described the list of little known women Billionaires in Kenya, who are still not relevant in political upfront, but they command great influence on the financial game in Kenya. They brush shoulders with the moneyed Kenyans heavy weights but their lives are little known to majority of Kenyans.

In the 2018 list compiled by Knight Frank Wealth Report, among the 125 Billionaires in Kenya, 23 were found to be women. The list excluded the likes of Mama Ngina Kenyatta, whose fortune is exclusively earned through his husband's political roots. They looked at those persons whose wealth culminated from hard-work and personal achievement.

1. Esther Muchemi.

She is the founder and CEO of Samchi Telecom. During the intial days of mobile entry in Kenya, she established Safaricom outlet network, which become her startup to immense wealth. Today, her company is one among the leading in the Telecom industry. She has also heavily invested in Microfinance, Real estates and hospitality, owning five-star hotels in Mombasa and Nairobi.

2. Jane Wanjiku Michuki.

She is included in the list among the richiest billionaires in Kenya. Being a professional lawyer, she earned her fortunes in Nairobi Securities Exchange. She is known to invest Ksh. 5.4 billions in Britam.

3. Sadhna Thakar.

She is the proud owner of Naiya Fashions. She is married to Bharat Thakar, the CEO of WPP Scan Group.

4. Jane Wangui.

Wife to James Mwangi, CEO, Equity bank, she owns Ksh. 3.7 billions of shares at Equity bank and Britam. Together with James Mwangi, they are claimed to hold the single largest family fortune at the bank.

5. Wacera Maina.

She is among the top women Billionaires in Kenya, courtesy of her stake in Sportpesa betting firm. She holds 21›% in the firm which has been claimed to be making over Ksh. 100 billions annually.

6. Dr. Catherine Nyongesa.

She is acclaimed to be the first female radiation oncologist in Kenya. She is the CEO of Texas Cancer Center. She established the facility with a loan amounting to Ksh.100 millions, but today the facility is worth over a billion. She is also a coordinator at Kenyatta National Hospital cancer treatment center, and also a teacher at UoN medical student center.

7. Mary Akello.

She is the proud founder of one of the lucrative schools in Kenya, The Makini Schools. She is also acclaimed to be the first woman to become a branch manager in Barclays Bank in Kenya.

8. Amarject Patel.

She is a co-owner of her husband's vast investment reported to be running in over Ksh. 3 billions. She is also a partner in the lavish hotel Sankara in Westland. Together with her husband, they holds the largest stake in Carbacid, the leading supplier of Carbon dioxide, which is used for carbonated beverages.

9. Leah Wanjiku Muguku.

She is the wife to the famous late Nelson Muguku. She is estimated to own Ksh. 1.2 billions in Equity Bank and also a proud owner of Waterfront Mall at Karen, Nairobi, which is estimated to be worth over Ksh. 3 billions.

These are the top nine women Billionaires whom are among the leading in investments and wealth, and whose wealth can be claimed has no strings attached.

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