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Kenyan Instagram teens

Preetii.doty 06/28/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The new trending social media in Kenya is Instagram. Everyone is now respected because of his Instagram followers, posts and definitely likes . This has become something normal for Kenyan youth.

Kenya is leading on Instagram Influence in Kenya . Most Kenyans are moving with the wave . The Instagram race is a competitive race. Most people have to fake it for them to gain Instagram followers. It's called clout chasing.

This includes expensive clothes (drip as they call it) , a bunch of fake friends and impressive photos from photoshoots. The photoshoot is meant for displaying labels, different styles and fake wealth (social media wealth). All this is done just for fame.

They take photos like

View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Recently a video of an Instagram hypebeast was displayed to the lime light. It was a video of a house of a Kenyan hypebeast who wears expensive shoes but lives in a small bedsitter. The guy can buy shoes worth 50k but he can't make his house a good place. Surely where is our generation going to?

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