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Oscar Sudi Reveals Secret Behind Ruto's Wealth (Video)

Humfrey 06/25/2020

The Kapsaret Member of Parliament Hon. Oscar Sudi revealed to kenyans where the deputy president gets the wealth that he has. According to Sudi, the deputy president is not a thief as many Kenyans have been brainwashed to think.

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Deputy President Dr. William Samoei Ruto.

In an interview on Bonga na Jalas on 25th June, the Ruto allied MP said that Ruto is a very hardworking man who gets most of his wealth from his hardwork in the hustles he does.

Citing the example of chicken business to Jalango, Sudi said that in one day the deputy president gets upto 200,000 eggs from the chicken he rears. That means if he is to sell the eggs at kshs 8 each, he has around 1.6 million shillings in a day just from the chicken rearing business.

"Many people complain that he takes a lot of money to churches. If you calculate 1.6 million by 7 days, that is much money that it costs him less even if he gives 1 million each to four churches in that week." Sudi stated.

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Oscar asked Kenyans to rely on facts and not propagandas that are spread by Ruto rivals in the name of politics. He also said that this is the number one reason why Kenyans should consider William Ruto in the 2022 presidential elections.

The MP also mentioned that Ruto is not in the government. According to Oscar, Ruto only holds the constitutional position as deputy president and gets the benefits involved but the truth is that William is not actively involved in the affairs of the government.

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