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Parking Space To Heaven : Man Gets Stabbed In The Eye Over Parking Space Argument

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When growing up, neighbours used to argue over hanging line space and a place on the water queue. Some arguments would end up in rough brawls but none ever got this far. In a survey conducted by IBM, Nairobi, New Delhi and Bangalore were ranked among the most difficult places to find a parking slot.

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The survey ranked Nairobi as the 8th city where finding parking is a nightmare. "The parking spaces available cannot cater for the demand around" this was an issue pointed out in the survey.

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In India, two neighbours argued over a parking space and things did not end well. A man parked his car at a new spot since his usual spot was taken. However, the neighbour who used to park at this spot was a few moments behind.

On arrival at the parking, the two engaged in an argument which ended up with the man who parked earlier being stabbed in the eye. Tweetizens could not hide their shock on this matter. @AgyemangKlodin asked was he driving with the knife or wat. @MoAgyemanNyame asked Is it a parking space to heaven?

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