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DP Ruto Confession During Sergeant Kenei Burial that Raised Political Questions and Enmity

leenjeff 06/26/2020

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During the burial of the late sergeant Kenei at his rural home sometimes back, Kenyans were eager to hear on what the deputy president will tell the crowd considering that the late officer was working in his office at Harambe Annex.

All was well but immediately the DP took the microphone he broke the silence and announced that some powerful forces within the government are targeting him by killing those who are close to him as a mean to send the message.

The DP said that he was aware of all the political scheme that is being used by his opponents to taints his reputation ahead of 2022.

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Political pundits view that the statement might have rubbed his opponents the bad way and its from then that his political woes worsened.

Ruto told mourners that he was ready to die as Kenei but he won't let off the fight noting that the DCI isn't investigating the matter the way it deserved.

DP revealed he had arrived in the office on Monday and summoned officers in charge of Harambe Annex building Mr Rob and also the officer in charge of his escort.

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"I was in office for some days and when i arrived on Monday, i was briefed on the matter by the security details, i later summoned sergeant Kenei and his two officers and the three explained everything and i urged them to record a statement with the DCI concerning the event of that day," he said.

Analysts state that it's from then that the relationship between the deputy president and section of officials in the government started disassociating with him.

The DP had vowed to let the Kenyans know what exactly is happening a move that is said to have angered the political brokers as well as the state machinery.

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Recently the deputy president William Ruto has been facing a lot of resistant from a section of leaders allied to Kieleweke squad who accuse him (Ruto) of disrespecting the head of state.

Recently, Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria who is a close ally to DP Ruto claimed that his life is in danger due to his strong stand of supporting the DP who has declared interest to vie for presidency come 2022.


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