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See Maria Of Citizen Tv's Other Skills That Has Surprised Many

veronica2020 06/28/2020

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The Citizen love drama Maria has a beautiful actress who goes by her real name Yasmin Said is a young actress admired by many. She is a public figure who many reckon with.

Like the queen of Tik tok Azziad who has many skills,Yasmin has many skills apart from acting. The two have strength and believe on themselves. Not only does she have acting skills but she has an adorable beauty.

Despite her acting skills she has proven many Kenyans that she can be the best video vixen too. This is seen after featuring on "nakulove" song featuring King kaka and Pascal Tokodi.

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Her stunning beauty has made the song to trend now on you tube and it has many views. She is also following her dreams just like Azziad who became the news headlines too.

King kaka left all the other famous video vixens and chose Maria. He might have a reason and whatever the reason is he made the best choice.

Am happy Maria at her young age she is already building her career and dreams. Let her be a role model and a good example to the young generation. I wish her all the best in life. Just go on and build that empire.

Source: opera.com
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