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Jalango Hints His Next Move Days After Being Fired (Video)

Humfrey 06/25/2020

Former Milele FM radio presenter Jalango has hinted a possible move to starting a TV station out of his Bonga na Jalas show on YouTube.

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Former Milele FM radio presenter Jalango.

According to him, most of his fans have adviced him to change the name of the YouTube channel from Bonga na Jalas to Jalango TV.

He said this during an interview on the channel with Kapsaret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi who also bought to the idea. Sudi told Jalango that his firing was an opportunity for him to think big and pursue a bigger vision.

"Hata mimi naona hii itakuwa TV very soon na ndio maana nasema tangu ufutwe kazi ndio utapata hio akili sana." the Ruto allied Mp responded which is translated as, "I also see this show becoming a TV station very soon and that's why am insisting, firing you will make you to think more."

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Last weekend, Jalango set the internet on rampage after his report that he was quitting Milele FM. According to him, he was leaving the station because of not coming to an agreement with his boss over payment.

Kenyans however after realising the truth blasted Jalango saying that he had been fired just like the many media max employees that had been fired during that week.

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