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Can Poultry Farming Make You Rich?

Kirimi 2d

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Poultry farming can as well make you rich in Kenya, infact it can put your finances in order.

You need to prepare to be rich through learning and planning.

Have seen many Kenyans get good money out of poultry farming, both young, middle-aged and old.

All you need to do to profit in this venture is get trained well and have a passion in it.

Below are strategies you can apply to be a millionare in poultry farming.

1. Determine the sector you want to venture in.

Poultry farming has various sectors, you cannot invest in all of them.

Focus on one or two, they include, poultry feeds, hatching, brooding chicks, raising chicken for meat, eggs or both.

Select a sector which has high return on investments and the one you are trained for.

Have ready market before you venture, to avoid dissapointments leter on.

2. Get adequate finances that will cover all your operational costs.

Finances make or break a poultry farm, therefore, raise enough working capital.

Prepare a start-up cost analysis that covers variable and fixed costs of your farm.

3. Locate your farm near your market.

This means place your farm where you will incur lower cost of selling and marketing your produce.

Make sure the location has plenty clean water also, and less human traffic and public noise.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. 4. Have a sales and marketing strategy.

Plan how to reach and serve your target market better.

Brand your farm to differentiate it from other poultry farms.

Have a farm logo and a good interactive website. Create social media accounts also.

5. Hire skilled and qualified employees.

Human capital is as important as working capital.

Employees who buys to your dream and who are faithful will see you become a millionare.

They say, if you pay peanuts you attract monkeys, therefore, for you to attract good minds in your farm, pay them well and on time.

Motivate them and make sure they are well trained always.

6. Develop a business plan.

This should be the first thing to do.

Business plan is your blue print that guides your growth plans among other operational plan in your poultry farm.

Have a good plan, you can hire professionals to write one for you, but have a good poultry business plan.

7. Buy all poultry equipments before you place first batch in your farm.

Chicks for example are like new born babies, they like to find you prepared before they arrive home.

Have them, cleaned and disinfected, as well as stored in a dry clean place.

8. Have SMART goals.

Prepare short term and long term goals.

Make sure you also prepare objectives to achieve the set goals. When or if you miss the target, make sure you sit down with your team and restrategize.

9. Manage a positive cash flow in your farm.

Never buy things that will take money from your account or farm. Use your money wisely to ensure you meet your daily, weekly and monthly costs.

10. Finally have a mentor or a coach.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Just like in any other business, for you to get rich work with someone who has made it in the same field.

The mastakes business owners do is starting on their own and avoiding others, you cannot make it with that attitude.

Have someone to walk with you because sometimes you will need a support system.

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Start now and follow above tips.

All the best.

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