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Cancer prevention tips

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Prevention is better than cure .cancer is currently affecting and taking life of many people in the world .The following are tips to prevent it.

DON'T USE TOBACCO - Using tobacco puts you on high risk of developing lungs, mouth,throat,larynax,pancreas,bladder,cervix and kidney.


Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables eg oranges ,whole grains and beans.

Avoid high calorie food eg.refined sugars

Moderate alcohol intake to reduce breast,colon lungs kidney and liver cancer

Limit intake of processed meat.

Increase intake of Mediterranean diet .

MAINTAINING HEALTHY WEIGHT AND PHYSICALLY ACTIVE -A healthy weight lowers various types of cancer including breast, lungs ,prostate, colon and kidney. Physical activity help maintain healthy weight.


These help prevent skin cancer.

Avoid midday sun -10:00am to 4:00pm,stay in shade when in open air places,cover exposed area -opt for the bright or dark color which reflectmore ultraviolet rays than to pastels or bleached cotton or you can apply sunscreen.


HEPATITIS B- These vaccine increases risk of liver cancer .Recommended for;gays,exposed health workers,people with STI and multipartner people .

HUMAN PAPILLOMA VIRUS -This is asexually transmitted virus which can lead to genital cancer.Given to boys and girls between 11 and 12 years.

AVOID RISKY BEHAVIORS-This prevent infection that can increase risk of cancer.

Practice safe sex to prevent HIV and HOG

Don't share sharp objects to prevent HIV and HB

GET REGULAR MEDICAL CARE-Regular self examination and screening prevent colon cervical and breast cancer.

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