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President’s Blunder That Created Ruto’s Tangatanga and Uhuru’s Kieleweke

ronaldcharley 06/29/2020

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President Uhuru Kenyatta is partly to blame after division between leaders in the ruling Jubilee Party, this is according to Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu.

Ngunjiri said President Uhuru failed to give direction on what he wanted to do and this created confusing among the members.

This created the Tangatanga team, those behind Deputy President William Ruto and Kieleweke who were behind President Uhuru, he said.

Ngunjiri said one team was focused on what they should do now while the other team was focused on the 2022 General Elections.

The lawmaker who was speaking to KTN News said in the past few months, they are putting plans in place to ensure they work together adding that they want to ensure leaders from Mt Kenyan region are on the same page.

“Mt Kenya region was divided, we are no longer divided. Part of the problem we were having, there was a feeling that the President had not declared himself, he had not given direction on what he wanted to do. So we had the Tangatanga and Kieleweke division because people were feeling confused on what they should be doing.”

“Some of us were saying we need to focus on now while there were those among Mt Kenya people who were saying they want to focus on 2022. In the last month and a half I do not think we are divided anymore. Even in Parliament almost 45 of us are working together and the number is growing,” said Ngunjiri.

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The wrangles in the Jubilee Party has seen DP Ruto’s allies who are in Tangatanga lose their positions for disrespecting the President.

Ngunjiri however said they are reaching out to members who are in Tangatanga to join them and work together.

“We have been reaching out to our colleagues telling them that our division does not serve our region. We have called a lot of people who were on the Tangatanga side in the initial stages of the year and have actually moved. We are no longer working as Kieleweke but as Mt Kenya region,” he added.

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