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Netizens Slam Susan Kihika for having Double Standards After she Claimed that Waiguru was Sanitized

Laureen_aseka 06/26/2020

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Kirinyaga Governor Anne Mumbi Waiguru today survived impeachment after a special Senate Committee concluded that the County Assembly did not substantiate the allegations brought against her. Senators went through the report but plenary did not take any action on the report.

Susan Kihika, Senator of Nakuru stated that the report by the Senate Committee was influenced and Waiguru was sanitized.

"I hate to tell you all that I told you so! But here we are, SANITIZED!" - Senator Susan Kihika.

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Netizens Slammed Kihika for Double standards considering the Senator stood up for Waititu when he was brought to senate with a corruption scandal, this are some of the Remarks:

Gerald Lepariyo: The PROBLEM I really have with you is that you’re a PRODUCT of double standards. The last time both of you with Governor Waiguru were Generals during 2017 elections and NOW you’re disowning her. You need to be PRINCIPLED even if the SKY is falling on you.

Amakanji Thomas: There was NO EVIDENCE linking Waiguru to what those witnesses were saying! None... the committee has recommended those responsible to be investigated so mama wacha siasa, Why didn't you think the same with Waititu?

BMKenya: Just like you wanted to sanitize Waititu only that numbers failed u , Politicians lack the moral authority to talk of such matters since your MOTIVES are screwed, that said and done Kenyans can learn their lessons vote for thieves perceived or actual and live with it !

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Bob Brighton: Where are the evidences?? Can you crucify somebody without proper documentation,,, Waiguru is not Jesus

Levi Chikombe: You wanted Waiguru impeached to massage your egos!?Was she to be impeached without evidence?

Sir Isaac Wambani: When Baba was telling you not to support her into the office, you and your group told him off, sanitized her by giving her a new name (minji minji) then got her the seat, you speak as if shes in ODM, you should wait until 2022, ruto sanitized b4 election.

Thesilentr7: Stop pretending even a pre-law student would have just known the case had no sufficient evidence! If u had why didn't u even try to joy ...shouting n sleeping of MCas in a room doesn't add up to evidence.

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