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Father Defiles Own Daughter in Kakamega

AggreyOtindo 06/26/2020

The Ministry of Gender department of children at Kakamega County has been urged to step in and see into it that the life of a pupil kidnapped at Joy land suburb of Kakamega and locked into the house for more than 8 months by her own father is rescued, alleged to have been abusing her sexually.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. According to the neighbors said that the child is 12 years said to have been stayed with a step mother has been locked by her own father for more than 8 months expressing fear that the child may be undergoing sexual harassment from the old man. However it said that the neighbors hear screams for help at night citing how their efforts to rescue the child has failed as the father has been threatening to kill anyone who makes his way to his home.  

Peninah Mukabani, the chair for the Ministry of Gender department of children at Kakamega County has been asked to step in and launch investigations against the matter. Over the four months, at least 20 cases have been reported in Kakamega County with regard to sexual violence among children.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. According to the Kenyan Constitution, sexual violence against children is a gross violation of children’s rights yet it is a global reality across all counties and social groups. These take the form of sexual abuse, harassment, rape or sexual exploitation in prostitution or pornography. A number of cases regarding sexual violence have been reported to have happened in homes, schools, workplaces in travel and tourism facilities bot in development and emergency context.

Evidence has proved that sexual violence can have serious short-term and long physical, psychological and social consequences not only for girls or boys but also for their families and communities. This includes increased risks for illness, unwanted pregnancies, psychological distress, stigma, discrimination and difficulties at school.

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+254-72434**** · 06/26/2020
I stay in joyland mention the name of the father?
EmilyAmondi · 06/26/2020
Is this true?

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