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The Doctor To Blame For The 'Death' Of Gengetone

Ulepassie 06/25/2020

The Kenya Film and Classifications Board chair Ezekiel Mutua, dubbed The Moral Police, has been on an unending war with Gengetone hits in the country. He has frequently been picking on gengetone artistes and hits without minding public opinion. Here is a list of the artists The Moral Police has picked on lately.

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Willis Laburu - 10 over 10

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Over a period of more than an year, we had many artistes performing on 10 over 10. The show was aired live on Citizen TV every Friday from 10pm with the powerful Gengetone Host and daddy, Willis Laburu. Our moral police advised Kenyans to boycott the show and it will loose its viewership. Today, the Friday hype 10 over 10 brought is something every gengetone fan misses.

Ethic Entertainment - Tarimbo

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KFCB Boss Ezekiel Mutua was among the reasons why Ethic pulled down this hit from all sites. In a Facebook post, The moral cop claimed to have spoken to google on taking down the hit. The reason was that the song advocates for rape of women. "Promoting violence against women is criminal" He said in his post.

After pulling down tarimbo, the group went silent for a while. Recently, they dropped an album, and stagger niki medi has enjoyed some good reception.

Sailors Gang - Wamlambez

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Wamlambez would never miss in anyones mopbile playlist, including politicians. In most rallies, the sailors song hit would be played. "...Wamlambez..." was the word which had people from all age groups responding "...wamnyonyes..." However, Ezekiel got to know what wamlambes and wamnyonyes represented, and that was the end of the hit. He picked on the group claiming the song promoted immorality in the society.

Alvindo - Taka Taka

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"...unakataa kuwa dame yangu, naenda kwa mrogi nakuroga unakufa..." were the lyrics that left Our Moral Police booing this hit all the way. These lyrics saw Alvindo being summoned by Ezekiel at the KFCB offices and ever since, we have not had a hit from him. Maybe the meeting was a call to end his musical career. Who knows! View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

All in all the hit song had a message that got to the right audience, his Ex-girlfriend.

Creativity among the youth has seen a decrease in the crime rate all over the country, as many youths have seen some hope in music. Despite disappointments by royalties payment from the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK), the artists seem to make a living from music. With the growing demand for local music, this is just but a beginning. Despite having the freedom to express oneself, what your lyrics advocate for is key. My advice for gengetone artists; write worth lyrics, avoid sexual topics and other controversial topics. Lets be real and create music for the future.

After picking on the 'Utawezana' hit by Femi One featuring Mejja,

BIG QUESTION : Akipatana na chief inspector, Alejandro, Atawezana?

Leave your opinion in the comment section below. Drop a word or two for the gengetone artistes out there.

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