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Malawians on the Brink of a Revolutionary Victory as Opposition Leader Takes the Lead in Repeat Poll

Laureen_aseka 06/25/2020

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MCP, the opposition party asked Mutharika to concede defeat in Malawi fresh presidential elections as the alleged margin in Malawi by Dr. Lazurus Chakwera's has passed a huge statement in African politics.

Opposition candidate Lazarus Chakwera appears to be massively ahead in the vote count for the Malawi's presidential re-run, but no official results yet.

Malawi Electoral Commission has not validated even 5% of the votes yet. The figures that are streaming in are those signed and verified by MEC and the parties at district level but they have to be verified by MEC commissioners at the National tally center.

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It’s will be a revolutionary win in Malawi if opposition party wins. First, Malawi followed Kenya's example by nullifying presidential polls.

To prove the power of people, they went into the streets and fought his police force! They went to court & the judiciary was not corrupt.

The 2019 Presidential Elections were annulled by the Constitutional Court over irregularities. In the 500-page judgment, the court cited various irregularities and anomalies petitioners had brought before the court against the Malawi (MEC). These irregularities included the use of correction fluid, uses of duplicate forms and lack of signatures on some result sheets.

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The court provided only 2 weeks to prepare and get ready for a repeat election between the presidential contestants with President Peter Mutharika and opposition leader Lazarus Chakwera leading the pack.

Malawians protected their votes by escorting the election officials that were moving the ballot papers during the Presidential election re-run.

The reign of Peter Mutharika, may be coming to an end and this will send a message to Africans that there is a wind of change in Africa.

Netizens feel Malawi have purposefully provided an example to countries all over the world on how to effectively implement democracy.

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Top Comments
AdamuAMatenganya · 06/25/2020
African countries you must learn something from this small country we need justice wather there's money or not justice must come out
+26377273**** · 06/25/2020
Zimbabwe is next, Zanu Pf should be shown the exit door
OmarKhaliffa · 06/25/2020
I can't wait to see new government
RicardoMondlane_02 · 06/25/2020
I wish it could happen in Mozambique too

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