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Why TV Comedian Muthee Kiengei Will Not Betray Uhuru

MwangiWaMacharia 06/25/2020

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Kiengei on his TV show.

Kameme TV and Radio comedian Muthee Kiengei is a man under siege after he blasted a section of Kikuyus he accused of attacking the President even when positive things are happening in the country.

The artist behind "Kiengei Live" on TV received a heavy backlash but he did not take it lying.

He told off his attackers who are largely Tangatanga supporters which is allied to DP William Ruto.

Kiengei said his support for President Uhuru Kenyatta is not wavering soon, saying the son of Jomo helped him clear the hospital of his mother who died of Cancer.

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The comedian at his morning show on Kameme FM.

Amidst insults and ridicule, the comedian working for the popular Kikuyu radio owned by Kenyatta family faulted his followers for attacking him when he tried to bust some lies being peddled around about the government.

The exchange emanated from a photo trending yesterday of lions at Nairobi National Park watching an excavator clear heaps of soil.

Claims were that a highway was being undertaken through the park but Kenya Wildlife Services explained they engaged contractor to clear the murram from the Standard Gauge Railway passing nearby.

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President Uhuru Kenyatta.

His explanation was largely received with unwarranted insults, some saying the comedian is arrogant.

His response came with same fire, leaving fans surprised.

"Yes Now Kiengei is Proud Just Because he has let people know the truth..Uhuru Kenyatta is my party leader and William Ruto is my deputy Party leader who I love so much, William Ruto respects Uhuru kenyatta as His party leader,Why are people so mad when I expose a true lie about the Government???" he posted.

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The Form Two dropout started off as a shamba boy in Nakuru, then shifted to street entertainment that earned him an enviable, well paying job at Mediamax Limited.

"When I was a begger and a poor dirty Boy in Nakuru County,were you concerned about my life??? When My late mother's cancer bill was cleared by Uhuru kenyatta did you complain???? When Hon. Sabina Wanjiru wa Chege was sent to clear my late sister Mimo's Bill by His excellency the president did you question that???" he posed.

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When Kiengei was a struggling street comedian in Nakuru.

He told his bitter fans to cease abusing him and not expect him betray Uhuru.

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