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Former Prime Minister in Dubai

Msoi 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. On Monday Dennis itumbi revealed that the supreme leader had had quietly sneaked out of the country for medical attention. The Odinga family spokesman Hob Dr Oburu Odinga has confirmed that Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is admitted at a Germany hospital in Dubai for minor surgery. "The Germans have a good hospital facility in the Arabian country where he is being monitored," stated Oburu.

Raila Odinga has always been open on his health status, he was even sometimes back admitted at Nairobi hospital. Just before COVID-19 he had gone round the country to make Kenyans aware of the BBI agendas. His every morning sports makes him fit and is able to keep up with busy schedules.

Though Raila Odinga’s aides have said that the former Premier is in Congo, it has now emerged that Raila Odinga was airlifted on Sunday to Abu Dhabi for medical treatment. Robert Alai media blogger said Raila is fine just a minor hip problem but he is fine and will be back. Another family member confirmed that the former prime Minister was active on the family Whatsapp and periodically updating them on his condition

Former State House blogger, Dennis Itumbi, also claimed that Raila Odinga flew to Dubai for specialized treatment and was accompanied by his daughter, Winnie Odinga, his personal doctor, an aide and a bodyguard.

Here is Itumbi’s post

He flew to Abu Dhabi aboard a chartered flight. 5YPAA – Cessna 680

The flight took off from Wilson.

This shows that he was accompanied by the daughter, A renowned Neurosurgeon, a Personal Assistant and a bodyguard.. Raila on his Facebook page told the country that he is in DRC.

The recent Covid test was to enable the travel. The results are attached to the manifest. Covid Results of all aboard are also attached. This is to minimize the spend Covid-19.

Abu Dhabi has announced that starting this week it will open up the airspace for international departures and arrivals.

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