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Looks Messy As Mutahi Ngunyi Sends A Sarcastic Message To His Ally Mwangi Kiunjuri After TSP Launch

S-amuel 06/25/2020

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Hours after launching his new political party ,The Service Party (TSP),the former Cabinet Secretary and now a party leader,Honourable Mwangi Kiunjuri receives a sarcastic message from Mutahi Ngunyi.

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On his speech,The Ex-Cs Kiunjuri stated that at The Service Party,they believe that service to humanity is service to God and he went further to assure members of the public that they shall strive to honor the above statement 'service to humanity is service to God' and lastly thanked Kenyans at large.

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On Mutahi Ngunyi criticizing his close ally(Mwangi Kiunjuri) as he termed him,he drew his focus on a minor or maybe a major drawback to the TSP saying as below;

"I CONGRATULATE @Hon_Kiunjuri for INVENTING a party. #TheServiceParty. Because he is MY FRIEND, I will NOT diss him. But if he was NOT MY FRIEND, I would have told him that the NAME is WOOLLY. And that YELLOW is the COLOUR of WITHERING things! But I will NOT say this to my FRIEND."

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Netizens highly reacted stating as follows;

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@kaymanGeorge,"Jubilee got yellow too. You are a beneficiary of it as well."

@mrqrias,"He did not form a party based on your oblivious opinion and perceptions, he formed a party based on his ideology, belief and ambitions."

@blesseskid,"If you have a good heart towards your friend then congratulation was enough....the rest of the words used here are full of bitterness n discouragement ...and can't be used against a friend .....reach your target boss."

@chelashantel,"He is your friend basically because he is your TRIBESMAN. 

Do you think the Yellow colour is funding so that you can be a benefactor?"

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