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10 Counties Have Already Met the 300 Bed Capacity Threshold as July 7th Deadline Fast Approaches

DOMMY 06/25/2020

It is only few weeks ago that President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered or rather directed governors to ensure their counties acquire not less than 300 isolation beds for the country’s economy to be gradually reopened.

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It is only through this way that the President said we could be able to tackle increasing number of cases of COVID-19 in the country once the economy is reopened. He said that the counties were the closest the national government could go to ensure safety of the people come that time.

The Council of Governors chair, Governor Wycliffe Oparanya has since announced that only 10 out of all the 47 counties in the republic have managed to meet the 300 isolation beds per county requirement threshold. 

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The deadline for acquiring the number of beds in each devolved unit of the country was set for July 7th and counties have been seen battling and competing for the deadline. It is only until then that probably, the President may reopen the country’s economy and businesses may pick up pace again and recover.

“The work is ongoing, and am sure that the remaining counties are going to comply to reach the target…we are going to meet the President’s deadline.” The Governor mentioned confidently. He said that most of the 37 remaining counties are boosting up their efforts to achieve this by the end of the week.

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However, the list of the 10 counties that have already met the 300 bed threshold has not yet been circulated or rather provided to the general public by the Council but speculations are that they include the three cities and few major towns. 

Today the Council is set to meet for a summit with the President to discuss on the progress that is aiming at reopening the economy of the country. The county bosses are expected to give a clear report of where they stand so far as far as this matter is concerned plus other matters including measures set for ensuring the safety of citizens come the D-day.

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The virus has since spread through 40 counties of the country out of all the 47 counties we have. This means that soon all counties will have to be prepared to handle cases of COVID-19 and one way to be ready is acquiring the required equipment and having them is stock including the isolation beds.

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Meanwhile cases of new infection of the deadly Coronavirus have been increasing in the country with its peak being this week and last week. Mombasa and Nairobi counties are leading the pack with very high number of patients added to the numbers daily.

Citizens on the other hand have been crying for the President to come to their rescue since most cannot be able to meet or provide for their families since businesses are closed and there in no income yet expenses are piling up day by day and families are looking to them to provide.

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We continue hoping as a country that we are soon going to win this battle and no more lives shall be lost, and our crippled economy shall be revived so that innocent families can be able to provide for their loved ones.

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