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Betty Kyallo Gets Emotional As She Addresses Gender Based Violence

Balchanews 06/24/2020

Betty Kyallo today on her youtube updates posted a video that was very emotional. She had visited the Anglican Church Of Kenya branch at Mathare north, a center for women who have had struggles in their homes or who have faced gender based violence. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

She was welcomed warmly by those ladies,gave her opening remarks and later did two private interviews with two ladies. She did not disclose the names of these two ladies for privacy reasons.

The first interview she did was with a mother of eleven. This lady said that her firstborn just finished the university and is jobless. She said that her husband was very violent and would beat her every time he realised that she had gone to seek help from well wishers,yet he would provide absolutely nothing. The reason she left him was because she was physically abused for trying to get help. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

This lady made betty so emotional. She did not cry though her facial reactions said it all. The other interview Betty did was with a younger lady,thirty years and also a mother of three.

The second lady's story was kind of more painful than the other one. This woman said that her husband started cheating with other women and so he started being irresponsible. After she enquired about it from him, her husband beat her up badly. She actually had a miscariage from those beatings. She added that her husband had refused to take her to hospital and when he did,he left her alone at Kenyatta national hospital.

This made Betty so emotional. All the same,the stories would definitely make someone cry.

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