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Hilarious photo of the man found wearing plastic mask made of five liter jerican at Tedwet

Nickykyp 06/29/2020

Today people of Tendwet center blast with laughter after a man wearing plastic mask made of jerican.

One of the observer ask the man how he made funny home made plastic mask . But he was in position to explain briefly.

I buy five liter jerrican , and cut it to remove the upper part together with the handle . I piece two hole on the side that will be used to tie the thread ( suspenders) , the threads that in turn use to suspend the plastic mask in position sos that the handle will be use as breathing nozzle ,facing upward to prevent covid 19 diseases," said by the man View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The observers was flabbergasted by how the man made his mask with labels in both sides give out government directives.

The man leave the residents with advice , that the should follow government stringent measure in order to curb and stop the spreading of covid 19 disease .

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