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National assembly requires CS Magoha to answer these three questions as Covid-19 affect all schools

Solomwi 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. It's now over three months since all schools across the country suspended the learning process. The schools were closed indefinitely in order to mitigate the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

According to reports, working staff from various schools did not receive their salaries for the month of march. However, some schools paid their staff half the salary while very few paid full salaries during that month. The affected involves all support staff and BOM teachers.

As a result of rallying cry from the suffering Kenyans, Hon. Thaddeus Nzambia, the member of Parliament for Kilome decided to ask three questions to education CS George Magoha. Through the National assembly, Nzambia inquires to know about the state of payment to over 100,000 support staff.

These are the questions CS Magoha will be required to answer. Number one, could the cabinet Secretary explain why over 100,000 support personnel in various schools, are yet to be paid their salaries since March 2020 following closure of schools as a result of covid-19 pandemic?

Number two, when will the operational funds meant for payment of salaries of the said personnel in schools be released?

Number three, could the cabinet Secretary explain the measures the Ministry has put in place, to ensure timely release of the said funds to ensure payment of staff salaries on time?

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Education CS George Magoha will be expected to answer the questions before the departmental Committee on education and research.

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GUEST_AYpbgWdel · 06/25/2020
can MPS also fight for the confirmation of the intern teachers who are already in the field ,it's very sad for a trained and qualified teacher to work for 10,000 and 15000 with and,this is undermining teachers after spending hundred thousands of money in training
BestNews.com · 06/25/2020
Teachers are the source of knowledge to every including president and doctors

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