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'Kutoka Leo Chakula Nitakula ya Kujipikia' Kenyans Vow after a Viral Video of Chefs Making Out

CMaweu 06/25/2020

Kenyans have vowed to be taking their food from home instead of them eating in hotels.

This was after a viral video clip of two chefs who were making out while on duty emerged.

In the video the two are seen on CCTV footage doing whatever they were doing without even bothering to care about the hygiene of the place and food that they prepare for the customers.

Below is a screenshot of the video with the caption ' Kutoka Leo chakula nitakula ya kujipikia' ( From today I will only be taking food that I have personally prepared)

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The two love birds didn't seem to be moved by the cctv cameras.

Kenyans took it online and lamented with others making fun of it.

N maria Mutua was in support of the act and she commented " Nothing is wrong, doctors kiss so well especially night shifts, ama niaje Modestah Ronnie....... Si pia wao ni watu.."

Moraa Suzzanne also commented "Woooi technician hamgewahurumia yaani aliwaanika hivi peupe?Lakini hawa na ni mbele ya CCTV? Anyway ishafanyika "

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Below is another screenshot from the video clip

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This is unethical and unprofessional, the two aught to punished for they have crossed boundaries.

Lartmo Mustafah made fun of it " Caught me unawere of the ending not knowing someone was following from my back seat..... nimeskia tu kasoft voice 'hi! Unezanitumia iyo WhatsApp this is my number na ivo ndio naiba pia"

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Hashalla Williams commented while tagging Sylvia Moraa " hii quarantine watu wameamua kusaidiana"

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
IsaacKimani_06 · 06/25/2020
some kenyans r really daft,most of u have done it in ur places of work whats the big deal!
Theguillotine · 06/25/2020
kasoro za wakamba
GUEST_LomPqd5x9 · 06/27/2020
b.. l
@alben · 06/26/2020
kuonja onja ma top layer, hahaha

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