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Confirmed: Raila Admitted to Hospital in Dubai, Set to Undergo Surgery

ViralMan 06/25/2020

Kenyan member for the East African Legislative Assembly, based in Arusha Tanzania, Oburu Odinga has confirmed that the ODM leader Raila Odinga is admitted to a German hospital in the United Arab Emirates, reports Daily Nation.

Reports of Raila flowing out the country emerged earlier in the week with former State House Digital Secretary being among the first people who revealed the details amidst dismissal from ODM Party officials who maintained that the ODM leader was not in sick.

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ODM leadr Raila Odinga during a previous visit to hospital.

"He flew to Abu Dhabi aboard a chartered flight. 5YPAA - Cessna 680. The flight took off from Wilson. The Manifest, shows he was accompanied by the daughter, A renowned Neurosurgeon, a Personal Assistant and a bodyguard...," tweeted Itumbi.

According to Itumbi, the highly publicised Covid-19 test the ODM leader conducted was to enable his travel to Abu Dhabi.

He claimed that the travel to the said country was due to Abu Dhabi's decision to open its airports for international travels and arrivals.

Popular blogger Robert Alai later revealed that the ODM leader had a slight hip problem and the issue was being sorted.

"Raila Odinga is fine. Very very fine. Just small hip problem but he is fine and will be back shortly," tweeted Alai.

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The new revelations leave ODM Director of Communications Philip Etale with an egg on his face after he dismissed his statement labelling them lies and misleading.

"The truth of the matter is, Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga travelled out of the country on Sunday afternoon. It is an open secret that he stated while addressing the media outside KEMRI offices that he would soon be travelling out of the country on African Union assignments as the AU High Representative for Infrastructure Development in Africa.

"He travelled as earlier indicated. The lie is that he was flown out of the country for treatment. Raila Odinga is a human being, in 2010 when he fell sick, it was made public. He was admitted and treated at the Nairobi hospital. He was Prime Minister then," said Etale in a statement.

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Top Comments
+254-76819**** · 06/25/2020
quick recovery our next President.
Kabaze · 06/25/2020
So when itumbi reveals that the old man,has through this big mouthed pathetic lier Etale lied to kenyans, why do we condemn him? Ugonjwa ni kama harufu. Haufichiki...
Cleka · 06/25/2020
quick recovery handshake brought sanity to Kenyans who were enroute to kanani and land mambas curtailed the journey
ThomasOpondo_02 · 06/25/2020
It's a big embarrassment that we were lied to that Raila was in the DRC. Now who do we believe the next time? Itumbi, Miguna Miguna or Etale? You can now see the out come of the let down. Raila is not young and will from time to time be requiring medical attention. So please the truth shall always set you free.

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