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L Jay Maasai girlfriend denies claims that she is the reason He quit the gospel industry

DorothyNaomi 06/29/2020

Kenyan gospel industry seems to be taking an unknown turn with the artists probably supposed to show the right way diverting into the secular music world,the previous years has seen some artists ditching the church music to perform in clubs.

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(L Jay Maasai)

Photo (courtesy)

L Jay Maasai has been one among those musicians as he quit the gospel industry last year at around the same time he had started dating fellow artist Flo Mutia.

There has been word going round that she seems to be of her boyfriend moving to the secular world.

however,Mutia has come out to deny the allegations stating that L Jay Maasai made a personal decision.

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( L jay Maasai and Flo Mutia)

Photo: (courtesy)

"Let me make this clear,it wasn't me.L Jay Maasai made a personal choice with reasons.He did not leave the gospel but quit the gospel industry because of the cartels and everything ran wrong.His belief is still there.If you want to know more about that story check out his youtube on his expressions about the industry.Many people trolled me,i accept that but it wasnt my influnce on him."Flo Mutia said.

The two started dating last year after L Jay Maasai was reportedly dumped by his then lover Ashley Mutahi.

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(Flo Mutia)


On his defense the former gospel artist said that his move to ditch the gospel industry was prompted by lack of shows and money making opportunities due to cartels.

L Jay Maasai said that 2019 was a difficult one for him as he went ahead and released a song featuring secular artist Kush Tracey.

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