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How to grow 1 inch of African hair in a week[100% proven]

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We all know the struggle and frustrations of trying to grow our black beautiful natural hair to reach up to the tail bone length. It doesn't matter the hair type. using this type of method described below is a sure, simple and proven way to help you in your hair growth journey.

This method is called the inversion method. I am sure most of the naturalists have heard of this term and if you haven't yet, let me just introduce it to you. So the whole concept is that you massage your hair for seven days for at least five minutes, each day.

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Now there is a rule of thumb, you have to at least do it for about seven days, it has to be at least five minutes and you should use an oil while doing this. The best part is that you can use any oil of your choice because most importantly, every scalp reacts differently to every oil. the best one is to continue doing this method with the oil you have been using, as it the one that your scalp is used to.

Some of the best oils to consider are Olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil and castor oil. The whole science theory behind it is that, when you tip your head upside down, the blood rushes to your head and when you are massaging, you are stimulating the glands to promote hair growth.

So, if you're on the hair journey, why not try this brilliant technique.

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