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Betty Kyallo Slaps Jalang'o's Forehead During an Interview

Balchanews 06/28/2020

Felix Odiwuor allias Jalang'o is a close friend to Betty Kyallo. The two happens to have been working in the same company, Mediamax, before they resigned. Jalang'o was working on Milele radio while Betty was a news anchor at K24. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

These two have been seen rhyming so well with one another in several occasions. The first time Betty and Jalang'o did a video together was during a show that Betty used to host, 'upclose'. Betty interviewed Jalang'o first,then after some weeks Jalang'o interviewed betty during the same show.

They've also been together on his youtube channel Interview also. This interview actually led to Jalang'o getting a job that was meant for betty alone. Jalang'o became Betty's co-host during "we are one Africa show". That's how close they are. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Yesterday, Jalang'o came in to lend his hand when Betty was launching his new salon. He aired the proceedings on his youtube channel. When they were doing introduction,Betty explained what the new salon has that was not in the older one. She talked of ample parking and a serene environment.

As they were talking, Jalang'o interrupted saying that he wanted to be the first person to be served by Betty's barbers. He said that he has already started having a bald on his head. Betty requested him to come near her. After bending his neck towards Betty,Jalang'o received a slap on his bald. It sounded painful. "Betty!Betty! What have you done,"Jalang'o lamented. Betty apologized simply and Jalang'o had to let it go. "Am sorry,we are close friends," Betty apologized teasingly. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Their conversation continued as if nothing happened. For sure these two are close to one another. Very few people would allow such a thing to just slide

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